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Delivering high quality raw materials to ensure your happy and prosperous life.

Horus manufactures and supplies cosmetics, quasi-drugs, health foods and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

For over quarter of a century we have been using unique raw materials of the highest quality and reliability to create cosmetics and health foods with the motto "Beautiful & Healthy".

Our work in the development and production of raw materials involves biotechnology and the use of the latest equipment to create safe and reliable raw materials derived primarily from the fermentation and extraction of natural materials. Our attention to detail is apparent right from the plant design stage to the hygiene management facilities such as sterilized rooms.

We spare no effort when it comes to investing on latest equipment and quality control for ensuring that you can use our raw materials with full confidence and trust.

Horus Co., Ltd. Raw material manufacturing factory

Truly unique products

Our on-going research ensures that we can offer you a range of unique and high quality products not found anywhere else.

We have innovated a technology for taking out the extract from natural materials enabling us to offer you a wide variety of raw materials which includes the world's highest quality Placenta extract to the umbilical cord extract and amnion extract.

The utilization of biotechnologies allows us to manufacture the key ingredients of anti-aging care, namely "EGF, FGF and KGF" while the use of fermentation technologies allows us to continue the development of new materials including "Yeast 331 strain (SAMe)" and "Fermented and aged placenta".